Friday, May 29, 2015


I was driving to work yesterday morning, and while sitting at the forever long light at Lincoln and Venice Boulevards, a woman on the corner caught my eye.

She was sweeping the entire corner with a tree branch, very thoroughly, very solemn. It was almost like watching someone perform a pennance, as everyone around her just went about their business. I wonder if it was for her a reverent space because that is where the Japanese were rounded up and picked up to be transported to the internment camps at Manzanar during World War II. That corner is where the Memorial will go to remember those people and that blight on our colletive national conscience. To find out more about the Memorial, you can visit the VJAMM (Venice Japanese American Memorial Marker) site and know what's happening with it.

The light changed and I had to go, but I wanted to offer that woman my respect, because I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Respect, Madame.

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