Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Blind Date At Small World Books

Small World Books is not my favorite bookstore in Los Angeles for nothing. I wandered in off the Boardwalk last weekend to get the new title in my friend and I's perpetual book club (because I was 758th in line to reserve it at the Venice Library!), and, as usual, spent way too long inside of there on a sunny day. You can't help it. After I found my book, I turned the corner to see this fun idea, a blind date with a book!

You pick one based off the clever introductions written on the brown paper, and see what you get. Unlike the dating world, here you cannot go wrong. Small World Books (owned and operated by awesome women) has tremendous taste, a super informative staff, and a perpetual sense of fun that probably comes from spending its entire tenure right off the Boardwalk and Sidewalk Cafe. I love it.

As for my blind date with the politically radical surfer, I do not kiss and tell ... but it was well worth it.

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