Thursday, June 1, 2017

A True Green House

I was out for a stroll the other day, and though I've walked by a zillion times, I never really noticed this little house ... probably because it is fully overgrown with foliage covering every inch. The Cousin Itt of houses! No, the Sigmund the Sea Monster of houses! It makes you on the one hand want to give it a hug it's so cute, and on the other, wonder if Hansel and Gretel are being kept inside. The story possibilities are endless!

With all the homogeneous boring houses going up around Venice, it's a delight to encounter someplace that is fully its own, and fully charming. I wonder what it looks like inside? Is it super dark in there? Who lives there? I need to get more to the bottom of this little gem. Finding interesting spots like this is one of the joys of wandering around in Venice, and I hope they will be allowed not only to remain, but to thrive.

Keep Venice Cool.

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