Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Flamingos Are Fun

One of my favorite things about Venice is the whimsy that you can find around just about every corner. People being creative, eclectic ... FUN. That's why we all rail against the BUBs (Big Ugly Boxes) going up all over, because that's not who we want to be. Boring. Never. So, though this flamingo fence has been up for ages at this house in the canals, I especially enjoy it now.

A flamingo fence. Why not? I love it. Further on along my walk, I went by the great yard of Gena Lindenbaum on Pacific and 24th, and saw not only another flamingo in the yard, but a bunch more knitted branches and little gnome friends, making it even more whimsical than when I first chanced upon it last Summer.

Thank you to all of the fun people still doing their part to make Venice the creative vortex that it's always been. It is noticed, and very appreciated. Love you, Venice!

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