Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Golden State Of Mind

I stopped in to Golden State on Lincoln the other day to see what was new, and what was new (to me) was an awesome mural out in the back garden by bumblebeelovesyou. It's playful and fun, with all the freedom and joy of childhood, and I love it.

Just as my heart was bursting over that, I went inside and saw this Steinbeck quote on the wall, one of my favorites.

Today is my birthday, and this is pretty much exactly how I feel as I look forward to a new year of adventures and growth, with nothing but gratitude for all of the good of this past year. Sincerely.

Come on down to Hinano's tonight (after 8!) and clink a glass with me, won't you? Cheers and heartfelt thank you's to each of you who brighten my every day!

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