Monday, February 29, 2016

Tom Everhart - Venice Goes Raw In Beverly Hills

There was a lot of buzz around Beverly Hills on Saturday night, but it wasn't because of the next day's Oscar ceremony ... it was because pretty much all of Venice traipsed on over to the Mouche Gallery on Beverly Drive to celebrate the art of our own Tom Everhart at the opening of his new Raw show.

I hadn't seen so much of Venice gathered all in one place since the closing of Hal's (and indeed, Don Novack was there too, assuring us there will soon be turkey burgers again on AKB), and everyone was thrilled to be together again, especially for the occasion of our friend and neighbor's art.

Black and white attire was suggested, as the show features Everhart's black and white works from 1998-2016. As this is roughly the duration of our friendship, seeing each piece was also like visiting with old friends, in their rawest form. A great many of the gentlemen present were outfitted in tuxedos, lending a formal flair to the fun of it all.

The big centerpiece was Surfing With Franz and Willem, 2015, and it provided the backdrop for many a photo throughout the evening.

Everhart himself accepted congratulations and embraces throughout the evening from longtime friends and celebrity collectors alike, with all parties having a complete blast, champagne in hand.

It was nice to get everyone out of Venice collectively, but also to absolutely take over this quiet stretch of Beverly Drive, showing them how fun openings always are when we come together - wherever we are (we've similarly taken over New York, Las Vegas, etc ..., and it's always the best time).

It was wall to wall friends as the night took off, and happy memories were both made, and reminisced. Jennifer Everhart was our gracious hostess of the evening, and was beaming as the crowd swirled around enjoying her husband's years of work, and each other. It was all a smashing success.

There were too many chats to be had, as soon enough the place had to close and revelers made their way out (past the paparazzi) and on into the night to keep the party going. A wonderful evening of art, and, as importantly, of friendship. The love and respect between all these people that love and call Venice home was tangible, and special, as I think we all again realized how important our history, and our community, has always been to each other. The love, like the art celebrated on this night, is raw.

Congratulations and thanks to the Everharts for a wonderful show, and a fantastic night of friendship for us all ... Cheers!

Raw is showing now through March 27, 2016
Mouche Gallery
340 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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