Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paint In Public!

There's something I've always loved about chancing upon people set up in public with an easel, painting what's in front of them. I just love how it suggests a freedom, a pride, a non-conformist kind of attitude like, "I'm gonna paint and I don't know care who sees!" It's pretty brave, while at the same time so calm and peaceful feeling. I passed by this guy this morning, capturing the Venice sign and its surroundings.

People that paint in public ("plein air" for fancy people) just seem happy to be there, in the moment. I'm not a visual artist, so I've always extra admired those that are, especially when they're chill like this. In public, letting you in on their creative process, usually more than happy to chat with you about it. You know what, I'm just going to go do this one of these days, even if it sucks, just because. Look for me out there ... I'll probably even throw on a beret.

Thanks to this guy for the morning inspiration!

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