Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Street Feather Project - Each Message Is A Seed Planted

With all the action always going on along Windward Avenue at the beach, I almost walked right past this great little sign and message one day ...

I got home and looked up "Street Feather Project" and discovered that it's an organization that puts positive, artful messages up all over the world, planting seeds of love and goodness along the way. Their credo is "Because we still believe we can change the world with our creativity. Art for all."
I get it, because you can't stop and read these wonderful messages and not feel better about things in the world, knowing that there's people out there doing nice stuff like this. Making the world a little better with every message. I love it.

What a great Valentine's weekend message ... "So much love to give. Give much love to live." Because that's what it's all about. LOVE.

Love you.

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