Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Olive Branch Of Venice

Sometimes, when time permits, I like to take weird roads that I never go down, to see what might be new and undiscovered. This is the best when you're walking, to really slow down and see things, and Venice is the perfect place to do it. I've lived here almost twenty years now, and am still coming across streets and scenes I've never been on or seen before. Like the other day when I took a left and found myself on Olive Street.

It's a short little street tucked in between Venice and Washington Boulevards, very quiet, pretty modest and normal homes (with character!) still over there ... a real neighborhood. And from the looks of it, a fun one.

Someone has taken parts of tables and chairs and affixed them right into their fence, for seemingly no good reason other than it's fun. I liked these strangers already, but then their clear appreciation for the beach sealed the deal.

This is the kind of stuff that I love bumping into around town, and another example why this place is so special, and why we must keep it so. But you knew that already.

Now, in taking their wise direction ... to the Beach!

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