Thursday, January 7, 2016

After The Rain ...

Los Angeles is finally FINALLY getting some so badly needed rain, and it's great. People don't really know how to handle it that well, but I think we can all agree it's great. It's even kind of great when you're sick, because it makes you feel like you're really not missing anything out there. Except you are. Look at the beauty captured by my brilliant friend, Mike Ozier!

Pouring rainy day ... but with light at the end of it. Like I was feeling extra sick ... but now am starting to feel better. And just when I was feeling like a corner has been turned with my health, my brother Paul texted me a photo of a massive double rainbow. A sign!

It's all going to be fine. Sometimes we just need reminders to slow down. To look at the bigger picture. To value what we have when we have it ... our health, and our sunshine. And that we can all be rainbows.

Love, your hippie friend CJ

*Pier photo by Michael Ozier
*Rainbow photo by Paul Gronner Photography

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