Friday, October 30, 2015

Venice Does Fall

It's always kind of hard to tell what time of year it is in Southern California. You have to really pay attention to the sunlight, the evening air, what blossom's fragrance is wafting over everything ... it's subtle. This year has been especially tough to discern where in the calendar we are, with record heat still blasting us at the tail end of November. That's when you have to go by the Venice sign.

Our banner over Windward Avenue is all decked out in orange and white for the Fall season, and under the still almost full moon last night, it looked appropriately down for Halloween.

I went along with my homies in National Anthem to their gig at The Townhouse downstairs in the Del Monte Speakeasy last night, and as we walked along under the sign, it finally kind of felt like Autumn.

Then they rocked so hard it was right back to Summer down there. And we were all fine with it.

Happy Halloween to one and all from Venice!
(where it's so hot it blew my idea of wearing a bubble wrap suit)

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