Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blue Star Donuts - Fancy Dough From Portland

Well, Blue Star Donuts finally opened up on Abbot Kinney, and I'm totally mixed on it. The Portland, OR import is technically a chain, albeit a small one and from "weird" Portland, but still. We're not down with the chains. But we are down with donuts, so had to check it out.

I stopped in a few days before they were open by mistake, as I saw people inside. A snippy P.R. type told me with a fakey smile that it was a private event and that I could come back on Monday for a free donut. I should have done that, as I found out today how dang expensive these donuts are.

The average price is about $4.00 each. For a donut. Now, these are fancy donuts, like Blueberry Bourbon Basil (!) and Passion Fruit Cacao Nib (the one I got - delicious, but for like once a year), but if you're thinking about grabbing a dozen for the office or for Sunday morning football, know that it's gonna run you about a quarter of your car payment. For real. For donuts.

This will be a tough location for Blue Star Donuts, I think, as most people in the neighborhood are out for a run, not a donut run. The service was not remotely friendly, with people standing around waiting for their orders, like they were supposed to feel lucky just to be there. Each donut flavor is individually displayed on a platter, you tell them which ones you want, and someone in back puts it in a box, and then they call your name that it's ready. It's pretty pretentious for donuts, especially when the counter guy couldn't crack a smile or grunt a nicety. I know they're brand newly open, but that's when first impressions matter most. Plus, when you're paying these premium prices for some sugar, flour, and butter, a little bit of friendliness would go a long way. I give them a year.

I'll probably go back to check out that bourbon one - because, come on - but my inaugural visit to Blue Star Donuts left me feeling their initials are spot on - B.S.

Blue Star Donuts
1142 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

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