Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sweater Weather

The last few days have brought us a slight cool down, a bit of a fake Fall. Friends are throwing sweaters on prematurely, just because they're so over the heat, and so ready for the change of seasons. Even the trees in Venice are feeling it and getting in on the action.

Sweaters have appeared on the trees outside of Venice Vintage Paradise, joining their friends over on 24th Avenue in their hopeful bundling up. It looks great, and really adds to the joyful, whimsical spirit of Venice. But no matter what, I still moved here for the warm sunshine of the Golden State.  It's officially Autumn, based on the calendar, and I love that it's still bathing suit weather out here ... for now. I'm more than happy to leave the sweaters to the trees.

Fall - Venice Style.

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