Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Casa Linda is Back - With Margaritas!

As last night was Taco Tuesday, it was time to go check out the newly reopened Casa Linda in its new location, down in the old Meditrina/Primitivo space. Before I even made it inside, I was greeted by my friend, the former chef at Hal's, Manual Mares. It was so good to see Manuel again, as it was to see that they still have the beautiful mural created by Judy Baca in the new dining room.

It was a balmy Indian Summer (still!) evening, so we sat out back on the patio, which is an improvement on the former space that had no outdoor seating. The other major improvement is that they now have a full liquor license, so we finally got to have a perfecto margarita along with our tacos. Mine was hibiscus, and absolutely delicious.

The menu remains pretty much the same, and I got to have my fish tacos again, only this time, outside and accompanied by a Mexican cocktail - as it should be. The back patio is all colorful painted beams and lights strung overhead, kind of reminding me of the old Mobay (which then became Lilly's, now Willie Jane), all bright and festive.

With all the change and turnover on Abbot Kinney these days, it was extra great to feel at home, to feel comfortable, to see people I knew at the other tables, to see people I knew making the food and drinks. It was also really great to see my friend, Cam, sitting outside, telling me about his poems, just as it's always been for us here in our neighborhood.

Casa Linda is back, Amigos! With tequila. See you there - soon!

Casa Linda
1025 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

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