Friday, February 27, 2015

Muck Madness Show Opens At Qart Gallery

Jules Muck took over the newish Gallery on Washington Boulevard last night in the old Wells Fargo building (my old bank!).  The place has been transformed into a big gallery, with big walls, perfect for showing off the big canvases of Ms. Muck.

We're used to seeing Muck's pieces on walls all over Venice, and it was nice to see her get a big - and richly deserved - indoors show, with DJs and wine and all the usual art gallery trappings and scenesters.

Muck herself was live painting a big Dali piece (up for auction last night), and it was a joy to watch her dance as she painted, clearly having a blast, and reveling in the congratulations from all the Venice homies that came to pay their respects.

Her familiar green visages lined the walls, and her Malcolm X was a real standout.

The piece I liked the best was one that veered away from the green and the personalities to a beautiful landscape with rainbow cloud reflections. Landscape Graffiti was so serene, and a nice departure from the more popular culture figures that Muck does so well. Simply lovely.

These kind of jams are always fun because you see the faces from around town that have always loved and supported our local artists together. It lets you breathe a sigh of relief that we're all still here, all still in it together, and all still really caring and celebrating the sheer beauty of all ART.

With the beats thumping, people dancing and pieces being sold ... you left with the feeling that our art scene is as vibrant and adored as its ever been, and the added impetus to keep it so.

Then this morning, walking along the Boardwalk, I see this guy, also doing his thing, beautifying Venice. Wonder when his Qart show will be?

Art is everywhere. That's why we love it here.

Qart.Com Gallery
480 West Washington
310-405-6183 for purchasing and inquiries

*Stay tuned for a full story on Jules Muck soon!

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