Monday, January 12, 2015

A Sea House In Venice

I was delighted to discover a new paint job on a house on North Venice Boulevard on my morning stroll. It made me feel like I was under water, and the fact that it had just finished raining only intensified that sensation.

I love it when people make beautiful and fun use of their spaces. It gives color and fun to a town that was meant to be about just that ... color, fun, beauty ... ART. This house also features owls all over it, like sea owls, giving it a wise edge above. Almost like a wink, that they get it too.

Others shouldn't be afraid to follow suit. Be creative. Express what you love. Make your house a landmark. Give strangers a smile. Make a day.

Thanks to these neighbors, for making mine.


  1. What fun!! Kudos to these neighbors for giving us something special to brighten our days walking by!! I wonder what the inside is like -- maybe they would share, if it is half as fun as the outside?!!

  2. love it! Thanks, Carol. Do you know the name of the Artist. I love that you post artwork from around the hood. Would love to meet other artists like this one - community!