Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I noticed this great shirt by street artist Wrdsmth at the In Heroes We Trust party last week.

It's great because it's so true, and because it's so easy to do.

In a time when social media is making us all more anti-social. Seriously, People. Take a look around you at a show or restaurant or anywhere really, and look at all the droids smiling at their phones instead of the people around them. It's turning into Wall-E around here.

When you're pouring your heart out to someone and realize they haven't heard a word because they're so caught up in their phone, you realize just how detached from real life and real people we're all becoming. When you're at the show of a lifetime and you look around and see that almost everyone there is watching it through their screens instead of soaking up the feeling of rock and roll and freedom and gathering with like-minded cool people ... it's just sad.

I realize it's all here to stay - and most likely get worse - but just try to tear your eyes away from the screen a few times a day, and genuinely look into someone else's. Let's all try our best to stay human.


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