Monday, February 24, 2014

Wheel Of Fortune

What a delight to see another fun installation from Venice Public Art on the boulevard! Abbot Kinney was packed with people enjoying the sunshine this last weekend, and many of them stopped to give the new Wheel Of Fortune a spin in the front yard of The Green House Smoke Shop's Abbot Kinney location.

Keeping the spirit of fun alive in Venice is our responsibility as much as it is to fight big development and gentrification so out of control we won't recognize the place if we're not careful. So to that end, it's always a joy to see something out there just for the fun of it.

Robin Murez just installed the wheel on Saturday, and we were among the first spinners. I'm happy to report that I will enjoy a life of Passion. Of course. Lacey, no surprise, spun up some Fun.

Thank goodness for fun local businesses like the Green House, cool owners like Bunny and Sandor, and active artists like Murez for maintaining a atmosphere of whimsy and unexpected surprises.

Abbot Kinney himself would be proud of you. Other businesses and artists should take note, take part and join the FUN. Thank you. Love you.

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