Friday, February 7, 2014

West Of Winter

My friend Sarah captioned one of her photos "West of Winter" the other day, and I thought that was so well put. We've been enjoying a gorgeous winter here in California ... really more like spring.

It's surreal to see the news and photos from friends back home with blizzards and snow mountains in cities. As nice as it has been here, we really, really need rain (and so do you, as CA provides so much of the nation's winter food sources). It's always something, somewhere, huh? You just have to appreciate whatever it is, for what it is. So this, from my stroll this morning, is for everyone everywhere else. Especially you, Mom.

I wish it was scratch and sniff.

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  1. Thank you Dearest Daughter -- I love the flowers -- can't wait til ours start blooming again!! Yes Scratch and Sniff would be lovely!! Are they beautifully scented too!! I heard it's cooler -- Sharon was out over last weekend to see Kjersten and she said the highs were in the 60s -- but that would feel almost hot!! It's supposed to be up in the 20s and 30s this weekend, and then hopefully won't be going back below zero so much like it has been. We've had near 40 days with below zero temps -- I think since Jan.1! It's getting very old!! Loved your article about the pretty poet with the typewriter. It looked like a manual typewriter, not electric. WOW!! Love you!! XOXO