Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glögg Fest 2013 - Skål!

Much of Venice is in a fög today, after making very, very merry at Glögg Fest 2013 last night.

It's been in the high 70s outside for some reason all week, so it took some added effort to create a Winter Wonderland aesthetic in the new pad, but I think the vibe was felt.

For the first time ever at Glögg, I had a fireplace. So even though it was a balmy, Full Moon-lit night outside (and a furnace in the kitchen over the mulling cauldron), I had to have a fire going. Atmosphere. And then clothes started coming off, always a bonus.

I love Glögg night so much because I'm pretty into my traditions (as longtime friends will be happy to tell you), but also because I get to see the hard core honorary Vikings in town who won't miss it.

In some cases, I hadn't seen people almost since last year's pillaging.

Some folks just flew back into town that day, some are leaving town tomorrow (ME!), but all were in extra good holiday spirits and ready to get down on a Tuesday.

Indeed, as it was all still going until a few hours ago (Thanks and sorry, new neighbors!).

I always enjoy waking up the morning (ok, noon) after Glögg and seeing absolutely everything gone (especially the lefse that my Mom had made from scratch and sent from Minnesota - legit. Thanks, Mama!).

No cookie crumbs left, scraped out pans, and an empty red pot, with only the dregs of spices remaining on the bottom. That's so gratifying to see after spending hours with a rolling pin getting ready for this festive time of our year.

New friends were made, and old ones were treasured. Everyone was up for a night of Viking style celebration. A robust TUSEN TAKK to all who make it such a pleasure to Glögg (it's now a verb) with each year, as we bring the Minnesota to Venice.


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  1. Looks like everyone was enjoying the evening!! Wish I had been there!! See you tomorrow evening. Can't wait!! Love you!! XOXO