Friday, December 31, 2010

Electric Avenue Wisdom for 2011

I just took a walk down to Electric Avenue ... and let it take me higher. Because as I was cruising along, reflecting on the great things that happened in 2010, and how I want it all to go in 2011, I came upon this brightly painted - and smart - garage door.

Much like on my last (and glorious!) beach walk of the decade (!) this morning, when my Ipod on shuffle seemed to be speaking directly to me and my thoughts/feelings about the year we're just wrapping up, and the epic one we're about to begin. From Jimi to Jeff Buckley to Rage to Nick Drake to Bjork to Simon & Garfunkel to Ben Harper to Gabby Pahinui to Jimmy Cliff ... and on and on ... it felt like I was receiving messages straight from the Heavens via an Apple product.

Then I later happened upon this garage and it reiterated the vibe I'd already been floating upon ...

Your feelings are just your feelings and your feelings are a choice.
We are who we are and that is that!!!
Be the change you wish to see in the world. (of course)
Love is the shift.
Let your heart guide you.

And above all ... PEACE to you in your heart, your soul, and your world, as we take another spin around in it together, in the already magical feeling 20ELEVEN!

Happy New Year to ALL!

{Noisemakers! Yells! Champagne corks popping! Lips smacking!}

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