Monday, December 20, 2010

Please Help Find Lost Kitten For Christmas!

Oh, man. My young friend Amelia's little kitten, London, has gone missing. It's raining Londons and Dogs out there, and it's real sad to think about the little thing all soaked and alone. Hopefully someone brought her in, but Amelia would be so happy to get her pet back for Christmas!

Here's the info her Mom sent out:

Amelia's little kitten escaped over the weekend and we still have not found her.
We called the shelters, posted on craigslist, put up signs, asked the neighbors, etc...
I just want to put the word out, maybe you know someone who just found a cute little
grey kitten?
She's about 5 months old. No collar, but she has a microchip, and was spayed a few
weeks ago and still had a little stitch on her belly. Her name is London.
I've attached a picture.
She escaped from our house on Flower Ave. just East of Lincoln near the Smart and Final.

C'mon, Venice! Let's find London! Email if you have any leads.

Thanks, Merry Makers!


  1. Getting London back home would be the BEST Christmas present ever for Amelia. Thanks CJ! xo

  2. London is home safe! Microchips rule