Friday, January 22, 2010


... And the only reason I'm talking about this, and not the HORRIFIC Supreme Court decision yesterday that ended Democracy as we know it, and wondering which corporations paid for which judges (and it wasn't even on the 11 o'clock news!) is because I feel like we'd better enjoy ourselves while we can ... and it's the Vikings.

I love New Orleans, and love that the Saints are doing so well and giving the city a much-needed morale boost ... but we're Minnesota kids and we bleed purple. The Vikings are our very ancestry, so it goes deep. Plus the massive burn to our arch-rivals, the Green Bay Packers that is Brett Favre. He has even brought harmony to my own immediate family, as while we kids are TEAM supporters, Mom (born in Wisconsin) has turned out to be a MAN supporter, and now finds herself rooting for her kids' team. I'll take these small steps to World Peace in any form.

I have my own little piece of Minnesota in Venice, as three guys from my high school (Brandon, Tony and Knighter) also live in Venice, my brother, Shane and Troy (from Minneapolis and Hibbing, respectively), at least us, and anyone that has Minnesota affiliation - and can prove it - always watch the games together, and this season has been a blast. I even have actual scars to prove it. This Sunday is a big deal - Vikings Vs. Saints for the NFC Championship to go to the Super Bowl! My horned helmet has been buffed, and my hair is standing by to be braided ...

... And while this Purple Reign is going on, I'll keep my helmet on, and honor the Viking spirit of THOR GOD OF THUNDER! to fight this insanity in D.C. that just bought and paid for Hit Men who have doused out the liberty torch of the American Dream.

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