Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The (long, bleak and scary) Road

I read the book, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, last year or so, and saw the movie the other night. I thought my imagination while reading the book conjured up some pretty awful images, but the movie takes it even further than the horror show I'd pictured in my head. If anyone "in charge" thinks that a nuclear option is even discussable, (and they're disgusting, selfish, wastes of breath if they do), then they should see this movie and realize that nobody wins. They should know that already after (one of) our national shame(s) of the bombings in Japan, of course, but this film serves as a nasty refresher course on nuclear annihilation.

Viggo is great, as ever, as the doting Father faced with protecting his only son from such epic awfulness, you can't barely stand to watch. I don't remember the last time I even thought about fruit cocktail (blech) but when they give a can of that stuff to an old man they happen upon (there are almost no survivors, and most of them are gang members who have turned to cannibalism), it seemed like the tastiest foodstuff that ever existed. Ditto an old can of Coke.

There is no color. Everything is the bleakest palette possible. To where Dad says to Son when they finally reach the Coast, "I'm sorry it isn't blue." Heartbreaking. All they have left is each other. The love and devotion they carry inside for the other is all that keeps them going, day after same grey, horrible day.

The whole thing is heartbreaking, especially when you let it sink in that this scenario is entirely possible - lots of times over. For what?! So nothing lives anywhere, for anyone, ever again? Who does that make sense to? I came out of this film with such an all-encompassing love for EVERYTHING, because you really just don't know how long you'll have any of it.

I have a bunch of thoughts about War right now ... but need to see what is said in our President's speech on Afghanistan tonight before I get into it more. I hope you'll be watching too.

But right now - out into the fresh air ... to breathe in, feel the sun on my face, and ride to the water's edge .... that for now, IS blue.

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