Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Carols

Every year at Christmas someone sends me the following joke, and I wear it out during the Holiday Season. I share it with you now, and hope that your spirits are bright, and hearts are warm with the love of family and friends!

Three men are waiting in line at the Pearly Gates to get into Heaven. St. Peter comes to the gate, and addresses the men. "As it is Christmas, there is an added clause to get into Heaven. You must have something on your person that represents the joy of the season."

The guys glance nervously at each other, and start digging around in their pockets. The first guy approaches the gate and pulls out a lighter. He nervously flicks it and says, "This represents a candle for Christmas." St. Peter smiles and signals the gates to open. Harps and trumpets play, and off the guy goes into Heaven.

The second guy digs around in his pockets, finally coming up with his keys. He jingles them in his hand, and says, "These represent bells, jingle bells for Christmas." St. Peter ponders it a moment, then gives the signal. The gates open and in he goes.

The third guy is really sweating it, frantically digging and he's iffy anyway. He digs and digs as St. Peter taps his foot. Finally, he digs deep in his jacket pocket, his face brightens, and he comes up with a pair of red silky ladies underwear. St. Peter looks scandalized, and says, "Now what in the world is that supposed to represent?" The guy looks at him hopefully, and says with a smile, "They're Carol's".

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