Tuesday, December 22, 2009


SKOL! Last night was the 5th Annual Glogg Fest at my house. I started it up so my friends from all over could get a little taste of my Norwegian Christmas traditions, and also get rid of all the Christmas cookies I make every year with my dear friend, Brigette.

It has grown over the years into a thing that I actually need a bigger place to host it at, but the crowding helps you keep warm, in heart and body. I love it as an evening where we can all see each other before we scatter across the universe for the holidays, and make merry one last time in Venice. Last year it was the last time most of us saw our beloved Sponto before he passed away on the 28th, when we were all away. So we've all come to look forward to Glogg Night, and whoop it up in a big way.

Which leads to what we in the business call "Glogg Fog" the next day. Glogg, for the uninitiated, is mulled wine. Lots of names for it around the globe, I call it Glogg. It smells and tastes great, and if you're not careful, will sneak up on you. I serve it "Viking Style", that is, with a splash of brandy on top of each glassful. And as we all know, Vikings were a rowdy bunch.

Last week we talked about lefse, so everyone who was over last night got to taste that treat. GONE. All that's left of the cookies (everyone's favorite seems to be the famous Cherry Chip) are some crumbs underfoot this morning. I'm not sure how many people we squeezed in, but almost all the cups were gone, so we may have had trouble with the Fire Marshall ... but they weren't invited.

So now my heart is warmed by the love and fun of friends, and it will carry me into the snow and arms of home, and more love and fun with friends in The Great White North. I am so grateful for the people in my life, and what a true pleasure to share my heritage and holiday cheer with such dears.

GOD JUL to us all!

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  1. What a total babe-fest, you and your gorgeous friends. Sponto was certainly circling in the ethers.