Thursday, October 3, 2019

Happy Tenth Birthday, Venice Skatepark!

The Venice Skatepark opened on October 3, 2009 (Here's that story), and today celebrates its ten year anniversary! This true diamond in the rough of Venice has become a second home for a new generation of skaters, all looking to carry on the legend of Dogtown and Venice skaters.

There have been too many memories to count, from skate contests to film shoots to Life Rolls On events to just regular weekdays after school giving the kids of Venice and the surrounding areas a place to go to hang out and get good at a sport that is truly one of the things that defines Venice.

There is a great movie about the long road to getting a Skatepark built in Venice, called Made In Venice, and it's a must-see for anyone who cares about either skating or Venice, but preferably both. It lets you know how important Jesse Martinez has been to the Skatepark, and its maintenance, and how Los Angeles really needs to compensate the man properly, and let him do his job. This park is a wonderful GIFT to our community, and we all need to make sure it stays beautiful for many years to come. A skater friend of mine in Minneapolis told me it's the best Skatepark he's ever been to, "Because it's SO beautiful!" - and it really is. There's the ocean right there, and the most famous Boardwalk in the world right over there. It's a treasure.

Happy First Decade, Venice Skatepark! We love you.

*First photo I took today.
 *Second photo is Ray Rae I believe!

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