Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Clogtown: Minnesota - All Are Welcome Here!

Man, it's been so nice - and such a relief! - to see little signs all over the Twin Cities about how everyone is welcome, everyone is accepted, that YOU are what makes our city and state great, and that here, we love our neighbors.

In recent days, there have been outrageous attacks by the joke of a President in office toward our Blue State's Senator, Ilhan Omar. I've never seen or heard or a sitting President being so classless and actually dangerous. It's disgusting, and Minnesota isn't having it.

Crowds came out to meet Omar at MSP Airport when she returned to town the other day, showing that we support her, and hate is not welcome here. I see little girls in full dress and hijabs playing in the sultry heat here, and know how very much it must mean to them to see this remarkable and brave woman representing them - and us all.

I read a quote from a woman the other day who said it was interesting (and sad) that "The Squad" of Democratic female Senators being told to "Go back where they came from" (disgusting racist speak) are considered "Radical Left", when they're just sticking up for what most developed countries already have. WE are the backwards country now. They are just trying to catch us up. Their ideas are not radical, they are humanist, and merely supporting basic human and civil rights (like health care, reproductive rights, and not putting kids in cages). It's time to grow the hell up as a nation. Well past time, in fact.

I'm proud of my home state of Minnesota for showing in yards, schools, businesses, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and by their own welcoming and "Minnesota Nice" conduct, that ALL are welcome here, as they are supposed to be in every part of this country.



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