Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No Planet B!

I'm back in Venice after a quick fall run to Minnesota (where it snowed on Sunday!), and it is HOT. I'm not mad at it at all, but some people are. Some people want to wear their sweaters and sit by a fire. I moved to a beach town to enjoy the beach, so I'm good ... but it IS unseasonably warm.

On my Venice Appreciation walk upon my return, I saw this sign on Venezia ... with among the other statements that I don't really get why (Free Candy?!  - kind of creepy. Wall Street?! - super creepy) the sign read "No Planet B". I've been talking about that a lot lately, like it doesn't really matter who is in the Supreme Court, who is the jackass President, who wins the midterm elections, etc ... if we're no longer able to sustain human LIFE on THIS planet. Of course, the Supreme Court, President, and winners of midterm elections have some say as to how we go about saving this planet, so it IS all important ... but I think we're losing sight of the massive problem that climate change is - and aren't really doing much about it.

Each of us can do our part to try to turn things around, but I fear we may already be past the tipping point. But I hope not. If nothing else, let it be a reminder to enjoy TODAY ... because it's really all we've got.

Live it up TODAY!

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  1. I’m hoping that, given Kavanaugh’s love of beer, that the republicans might finally acknowledge climate change and want to do something about it: