Monday, October 22, 2018

A Venice High Weekend - Go Gondoliers!

In all the years I've lived in Venice, I had never been to the Homecoming game at Venice High, which I guess is fine because I didn't go there, but as a resident of its town, I think we should all support the local schools - and Venice High is awesome.

The whole place is under construction for a massive school grounds makeover, but that didn't stop any of the fun. The Venice High side of the bleachers was packed - standing room only. The Gondolier kids are great, with a ton of school spirit, and I even got to meet their mascot, Gondo the Mighty Gondolier! Adorable.

There was homecoming royalty, and a Hall of Fame induction. There were cheerleaders, a dance squad, and a marching band that always makes things more festive. I ran into a whole bunch of people that I knew, and it was almost more a community event than just a high school one. I also learned that the concession stand makes some great tacos! Maybe my favorite in town, probably because someone's Grandma is making them or something. They were delicious.

The Gondoliers were not victorious in their game against Fairfax High, but they were victorious in having the most fun, and making even folks well past high school that didn't attend their school feel welcome and included. I loved it.

Then, the very next night, Venice High (aka Rydell High) hosted the annual Grease singalong! Back to back fun events hosted at this awesome school! I was only there briefly, as Game 7 of the Dodgers game was happening at the exact same time, and my friends, the Halverson's were having a party a half a block away, so I split right after "Greased Lightning" this year. I was there long enough to see all the fun folks in costume, and the old hot rods - and to have another quick taco!

Thank you to all the great kids and families that make having Venice High a blast not just for the kids in attendance, but to the friends and neighbors that  live nearby. Thank you to parents who send their kids to public schools ... your resources help to make them better. Rowing, Not Drifting. You're all awesome.

Go Gondos!!!

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