Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Freedom On The Fourth!

 *I'm gone fishing/on vacation but ... Happy 4th of July, wherever you are!

Independence Day  ... but I haven't been feeling very patriotic this year ... I mean, UGH, things are bad now in this country. Embarrassing bad. But I'm in my hometown, hit the Fourth of July parade (in the rain!), and once again felt the love for the people and traditions that are the real things that ever made this country cool in the first place. I like to listen to "Freedom" from Richie Havens every Independence Day - because that really is what this place is supposed to be about ...

... plus the whole "Liberty and Justice for all" thing. What we were founded on (by immigrant invaders, if we're honest). One of the most heart warming things about today's parade was when a little yellow Volkswagon Bug (with both Mexican and American flags decorating it) drove by honking, and got an even bigger reception than any of the bands or politicians or floats. Just like when everyone stayed even when the rain, thunder, and lightning started ... because we realize we're all in it together.

Let's remember what we're about ... and act accordingly.

Happy 4th!

AND Happy 113th Birthday, dear Venice!

See you soon. x

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