Thursday, July 28, 2016

A New Palm Tree Mural On Abbot Kinney!

There's a gorgeous new photographic mural on Abbot Kinney, and last night there was a party at the Kit and Ace store to celebrate its artist, Noah Abrams. I don't frequent the posh ABK chain shops, but when my friend DJ Lady Sinclair let me know that she was spinning at this function, I sauntered on over to check it out.

The sun was setting just as I arrived, giving the brand new (put up this very day) mural a golden sheen. Selfie takers were already lining up for their turn in front of the palm trees, with the ubiquitous yoga handstanders front and center. The wall appears to already be a new destination in town.

Inside, Abrams had similar photographic prints available for purchase, and the drinks were flowing in celebration. There was a taco setup outside, courtesy of Tacos Hell Yeah! (great name, and an apt one, as they were delicious), so everyone was properly sated as they enjoyed the art.

I ran into a handful of longtime residents, all of whom thought the proceedings had a whiff of a fancy store pandering to the neighborhood about it (in a week where there's a lot of that going around in the political world), but we all agreed that it was better that they were at least trying to fit in, versus choking their own agenda down our throats (as is also happening this week, courtesy of the DNC).

It was a lovely time on the block, and I discovered that the people at Kit and Ace are all super cool. If you ever need a $100 t-shirt, it's a good place to start. Thank you to them for the tacos, the Modelos, and most of all, for more art in the neighborhood.

Congratulations to Noah Abrams on a new Venice landmark!


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