Monday, July 11, 2016

Shimmer And Shine In Dark Times

What a bleak time we've been having in this country lately. BLEAK. I can't bear the news, I can't hear about one more shooting ... it's too much. Something MUST be done. I was thinking about all of this on my stroll over to my friend's house for some much needed forgetting. Something sparkly caught my eye on the Nowita walk street, and I saw that one house had strung up garlands of cd's and hung them from their tree to catch the sunlight.

It's a little thing, but something that literally brightened the day. That is so needed now, and any little thing that can be done to bring some shimmer and shine into this dark time, should be done. Thank you to the folks on Nowita who did just that.

*Also, special shout-out to General Admission, who put on a superfun party in their parking lot last Friday for the JBay WSL Surf Contest. They showed it live on a big inflatable movie screen, had South African dancers and drummers, South African BBQ, and South African art on display. Great conversations were had, so much so that I didn't take photos or notes for a proper story, but THANK YOU. We needed that.

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