Monday, March 23, 2015

The Grunion ... Crawl.

The grunion didn't really seem to be running on Saturday night, as much as crawling. I always look forward to the grunion party put on by the Venice Oceanarium, but this year was kind of a bust in terms of fish sighting. I saw exactly three of the little silver fish by the time we left. Three.

They might have showed up in the thousands later on in the night, I'm not sure, but it had already been a full day, so standing there in the chilly night air could only last so long until we had to go warm up/sleep.

Still, walking across the sand in the dead of night and seeing all sorts of people out there with their flashlights flickering across the water is fun. It's exciting feeling, just because of the anticipation, and the fact that we were all there for the same reason ... nature. Phenomenal nature.

And some fun outside in the dark night under the stars when most everybody else was sleeping. I really hope those grunion did wind up getting their big orgy on ... was sorry to miss the main event. Better luck next time!

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