Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Venice Trash

I was flying down Speedway, thinking about stuff, when this stopped me in my tracks.

This dumpster is cool. Cool is not what a corporate men's magazine declares it to be. Cool is when one expresses themselves in a wonderful way. That could be through music, dress, skateboarding, art, sand castles ... whatever medium works for someone. Cool is when someone makes the best of something - even a garbage can. I commend this person for brightening up the alley. I encourage everyone to make things colorful and great all over town (all over the world, for that matter). Be original. Be fun. Keep it funky. Surprise people in a good way. Let people know you appreciate it when they do cool stuff. Decide for yourself what is cool.


  1. Very cool!! I wonder whqt Allied Waste would do if we painted our bins like this? : )