Friday, December 21, 2012

Glögg Fest 2012!

Tis the season ... for the Glögg! Glögg Fest 2012 is on the books, and was as cozy an evening as I can remember. I had all the Norwegian decorations up, the Christmas tree smelled great, the baking was done, and the glögg simmered away on the stove, as my friend Jessy and I stuffed whole cloves into oranges (for pomanders!) right up until the guests began to arrive.

I love having this party, as it gives me the chance to see many of my favorite people before everyone goes their separate ways for the holidays. I always like to have it on a week night, so there's no competing with all the weekend party madness, and all the focus can be on the glögg, where it should be. My friend Hilary has freshly dubbed it, "Blackout Juice". I wouldn't go that far, but the drink of Vikings does pack a potent, though delicious, wallop.

Lefse was introduced to some people for the first time (the "Norwegian tortilla" - made from mashed potatoes), and cookies were scarfed down until there weren't even crumbs left.

This year was the first time I ever ran out of glögg, forcing me to make a new batch from the good wine for late-comers! People were ready to party.

That fact was also made evident by the beautiful mistletoe brought as a hostess gift! Fa la la!

I tend to stay in the kitchen for Glögg Fest, as you have to keep making new batches of the stuff, so I didn't really take too many pictures, but suffice it to say, the place was packed to the gills with all of the extra wonderful people that I'm lucky enough to have as friends.

When the last drop had gone down the hatch, and the last hug had been given, I blew out the candles and went to bed, not with visions of sugarplums, but of steaming cups and smiling faces, sent off into the night, with bellies warm and full. It made for the very sweetest of dreams, and I wish every single person I know could have been there.

Merry Christmas (God Jul!) to all, and see you at next year's Fest if you missed this one! SKÖL!!!

*photo of me by Vavine Tahapehi

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