Monday, May 30, 2011

X Marks THE Spot.

Happy Memorial Day ... though the holiday stirs a lot of feelings in my head that aren't exactly happy, but I'm too mellow for that today ... because look at the sky above:

Sky Writers (!) telling you straight out that you are exactly where you should be, nay, are BLESSED to be, and to suck up the moment as much as you possibly can. Literally, do it. Suck in the air down at the beach! It's so fresh and inspiring, and if you do a 360 spin, you literally see everyone smiling. As they have for centuries ... Families setting up camp, kids running back and forth into the water's edge, squealing like nowhere else. Everyone automatically chilling on out.

I'm out the door to re-join them all now, but just wanted to affirm how lucky we are, how FREE we remain. That is what we should be celebrating today, and those that have fought to make that possible ... even if it is in a Fight The Power t-shirt at the BBQ.

*Pic by Jen E.


  1. you go golden girl ofsunshine!

  2. I saw that X too!... well when my eyes were open that is! Yup, sleeping on the beach was a memorial day alright.