Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lamai Thai Massage ... Ahhh.

I got back from a trip back home last week that featured a lot of running around, a lot of going nuts, and a lot of insomnia. This was followed by a multiple-city trek back - after no sleep again - that left me feeling pretty aching and ruined.

Back on the beach, I was stretching on a lifeguard tower, and hearing crackles and pops that sounded more like Rice Krispies than a human body. Jenny and I turned to each other and uttered two crucial words ... "Thai Ladies"?

Yes. Thai Ladies. When you are feeling just wrecked like I was (or in general need of some tough love), there really isn't a better option. The Thai Ladies at Lamai Massage on Abbot Kinney will get IN there on those knots. It will hurt. But sometimes you have to hurt to help.

I've had "L" before, and now I've had Jessy, and both of these women will crush your knots and kinks, with a smile on their faces all the while. This last time was the first time I've ever had to cry "Uncle" on it, when Jessy was walking on the back of my calves, on a knot that had me seeing little animated stars. Breathing through it didn't help, I was dying, and had to ask her to ease up. But just on that spot. The rest of me could take it, but Man, I'm still feeling it today, two days later. A good thing.

I mentioned walking. You see, at Thai Massage, they use walkers like old people use, to support their weight with their arms while they dig into your problem areas with their feet. There are only curtains separating you from everyone else getting this done, so you do hear your fair share of grunts and deep breathing (and sometimes talking - SHHH!) coming from the rest of the clients getting walked all over.

For big guns like my knots, they bring out the Thai Balm, a Tiger balmy type sauce that penetrates as they pound you. It really helps. You put on big Thai pants and a little bib type thing on top, as they fold you into pretzel shapes after the walking part, to stretch out the worked-on areas. I guess they don't want your naked bits in their faces as they do this. By this point, you don't care about modesty anymore, you're just a gelatinous blob.

For just $40 per hour, it is about the best personal health care deal around. I staggered out of there (as Jessy just laughed and nodded) feeling like a new - if you can be new and still feel like a wrung out washrag - and improved (but sore) woman. Here is a picture of me right after:

For real.

Knots? Stress? Pain? Just need it because you're depressed at the AUGUST gloom?

Lamai Thai Massage
1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, 90291

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