Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Your Breasts, Free Your Mind!

Yesterday was the annual topless protest put on by the group Go, wherein a group of ladies of all breast shapes and sizes (and realness) walk down the Venice Boardwalk topless to illustrate the inequality between Men getting to walk around with no shirts on in the hot Summer (finally!), while Women are forced to cover up their chests. Why? The event coincides with Women's Equality Day on August 26th, which I think is kind of funny that we still find that necessary in this day and age. Isn't EVERYONE supposed to be equal?

While we're in Venice, and not Afghanistan (phew), it IS a drag to think that we accept violence so readily as a society, but are still so freaked out by a mammary gland. Like the furor over Janet Jackson's nipple at that one Superbowl ... WHO CARES?! I'd way rather have a kid see that then most anything on the evening news.

I had beach time to catch up on, so I missed the chance to participate in the Protits/Protest, but I commend each and every lady out there for being like, "Yeah, man. What is the big deal?" on my and my fellow ladies' behalves.

I hope it catches on and one of these days we can tear off our tops on the beach. Tan lines are weak. (But I'm happy to have them back again for our last burst of Summer!)

*Photo courtesy of LA Weekly.


  1. You have kids Carole?;-)

    Anyway, I'm with you. I would surely have my kids see boobs before violence. Just out of curiosity, did you participate?

  2. Rob and I were at the breakfast counter that morning at Pepy's (in the bowling alley) and a cowboy sitting next to me informed us of this event. Seriously you can't make this up! I guess the Cohen Brothers can. ; >