Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep Smiling!

The day broke bright and sunny today, and all we could do on the morning walk along the seashore was breathe it all in deeply, and smile.

The Lifeguard towers from Venice to Santa Monica have all been painted bright Easter egg colors, preparing for a very cool community art project called Portraits Of Hope. They've only gotten as far as the ramps and railings as yet, but it's already beyond cheerful, and yeah, hopeful too.

We take a little break when we reach the Santa Monica Pier every morning, have a stretch, drink some water, duck the wind, and again, breathe and smile. You can't help it.

This morning we were having our chill moment when a City truck came barreling up and stopped right next to the Tower we were sitting on (a purple one) - that does say KEEP OFF on it, but we never heed that instruction. We were wondering if we were going to get told to scram or what by the big, tough looking guy who got out of the truck. We said, "Good Morning," and he handed Jenny a business card, and got back in the truck and drove off.

The card said "Keep Smiling". How great is it that that was the guy's sole mission, just to hand off this card to us, wordlessly. The little story on it was kind of Hallmark fromage, but the idea and the incident were enough to indeed keep the already wide smiles on our face.

Good morning, Venice!

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