Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow The Summer - 291 Sale!

If you were just innocently getting some coffee this morning at The French Market this late morning, you would've looked across the street and seen this mayhem:

It's Sample Sale time again at 291 (that's as in 90 - 291, Venice!), and the brightest, softest, most California clothing items possible are on sale - and for once that word REALLY means Sale. Like $20 for a $180 Hoodie (not that a Hoodie should EVER be that much in the first place, but they are darling)! Or you can throw down just $5 and get the design you like in the flattering deluxe, shapely soft V-Neck T.

There were so many guys and girls there today ($45 Cashmere!), I am convinced that 291 is all you're gonna see Venice people in this Summer 2010. Good. We could all use some brightening up. And a sweet deal.

The Sale is on at 2320 Abbot Kinney Blvd.'s parking lot, today through Sunday.

Brush up on your boxing out skills before you go ... things fly out fast.

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