Friday, February 22, 2019

Once In A While You Get Shown The Light ...

In keeping with yesterday's theme of Venice offering up the message you need when you need it ... today I was heading back from the Farmer's Market on a brisk but bright and sunny morning, and there it was. Another sign. This time on a fence, that caught my eye because of the happy little yellow flowers peeking out from underneath of it, like, "Look here!"

More truth. "Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." Yes, you do. And a little "Scarlet Begonias" quote from the Grateful Dead is always fine. And right after I saw this yet another sign from the Universe, I had a meeting where some light was shown to a project of mine, from a source that I hadn't thought of at all. I hope I'm looking at it right, and that it all works out, but either way, it reinforced the notion that being shown the light often happens in unexpected ways, from unexpected - often surprising - sources. Especially if you're open to it - wide open.

Take this sidewalk wisdom with you as you launch into the weekend, and if you're also looking for some light on a subject, I sure hope you find it! Best of luck!

*A great place to find light - at least lightheartedness! - will be at tomorrow's Venice Mardi Gras celebration! We meet at the Rose Avenue parking lot at the Boardwalk at noon, and parade from there to party at Surfside. Hope to see you out there letting the good times roll!

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