Friday, January 12, 2018

Try To Set The Night On Fire - A New Jim Mural In Venice

What an excellent surprise to be walking down Speedway the day I got back to town, when I looked up to see a brand new mural of Jim Morrison being finished by muralist Jonas Never on the side of the Ellison Suites on Paloma. With the official "Day of the Doors" celebrated in Venice on January 4th, this was pretty good timing. I missed that, but we can all go try to set the night on fire this coming Sunday (January 14th) when Peace Frog plays at Surfside Venice. If you've never seen them live, and you feel like having a blast, go. You can shut your eyes and imagine it's the real Doors playing for you ... because they're just about that good.

Humming "Love Street" to myself, I walked on to see that the other side of the Ellison Suites had a giant mural of the actor John Hurt (The Elephant Man, Harry Potter, V For Vendetta, etc ...), who is rumored to have lived in this building. It is a gorgeous tribute to the late actor who passed away last January.

Next to Mr. Hurt is a gigantic Lana Del Rey, for reasons I really don't know. I've never heard of a Venice connection with her, but there she is, larger than life. O.K.

I'm of the mindset that all buildings should have an awesome mural painted on them, and the Ellison Suites have never looked better. Take a stroll down Speedway when you get the chance, and tip your hat to the Lizard King there, watching over it all.

And have a sensational weekend while you're at it!


  1. John Hurt did have a place there. And spot on regarding how Lana del Rey made it on the building amongst legends. PS. I live there and bow now I have to put up with camera flashes and people outside my window everyday taking pictures of Lana.

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