Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Back In Venice - The End Of The Rainbow!

Hi! Happy New Year, All! 20Greateen! I got back to Venice late last night after a long break in the absolute tundra of Minnesota, and I have to admit, I was pretty torn. I always have a great time back home for the beautiful holidays with my lifelong loved ones, and with all its Winter Wonderland vibes and total hoopla surrounding our upcoming hosting of the Superbowl (GO VIKINGS!!!), and all of my awesome friends and family ... it was hard to leave. When I turned on my phone after the long journey (don't ask), my entire social media accounts were all full of rainbows over Venice! Beautiful, perfect rainbow photos (like the below one from Jennifer Everhart) telling me that here is a lovely place to be ... and I took it as a great omen.

                                                                                                                           Photo: Jennifer Everhart

Home was the movie Frozen ... like there were several days that did not make it above zero. The entire Minnehaha Falls was frozen solid - a stunning spectacle of winter beauty.

The historic Grain Belt Beer sign was re-lit above the Mississippi River after being dark for decades, and the event took place on a night that was -15 outside. We went anyway. It's been a long time since I was that cold, but it was great, and invigorating, and makes you feel ultra-alive (unless you freeze to death - an actual concern).

It's always cool to be walking out on a lake or river that is usually water, and a trippy feeling every time. I ate it all up, and wanted more.

Then, as it goes in Minnesota, yesterday before I left yesterday, the temperature soared to +45, and I found myself wanting the cold. There wasn't that much snow to begin with, and it all melted yesterday. Now I hear there's going to be a ton of snow tomorrow and back below zero - always right when I leave. Only in Minnesota, indeed. THANK YOU to every single wonderful soul that made my time at home so very special, once again. I love you.

I got back to a bright, sunny Venice, having missed the rain entirely (kind of a bummer), but met with such warmth and beauty that you can't be missing rain that you missed. I took a walk to the beach to greet the beauty that I had also sorely missed, and bumped into seemingly everyone I knew along the way.

People I had been thinking about suddenly appeared, and things have been falling into place beautifully right from hello. There is a whole bunch of exciting work coming up, and this is where I need to be right now. I missed you, dear Venice. Thank you for always being such a fantastic spot to return to. I breathe it all in deeply, and exhale in gratitude. 2018 ... invigorated and ready to go!

See you soon.

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