Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stay At Zeno Mountain Farm Venice For A Real Venice Vibe

I'm a major fan of Zeno Mountain Farm in Venice, and now travelers can stay there! The Venice location of this wonderful camp is now open for vacation rentals, and hosted by my lovely friend, Tawney, while they stay.

Zeno is a place where disabled people can go to have a blast, and you can get an inside glimpse of the place and their excellent work in the film that should have won Best Picture of 2014, Becoming Bulletproof

Zeno also has a camp full of tree houses in Vermont, so when the festivities are going off out east, the Venice location back west can be available for visitors to our beautiful town that want to have a truly real Venice experience.

I'm not a big fan of Air BnB, as I feel that it wrecks neighborhoods and takes the authenticity away. Venice has gotten so expensive that people have been forced to rent their homes just to keep them, so I get it from their standpoint, but it also does a lot of damage. Communities fall apart when you never see anyone you know anymore ... but that's why I can endorse THIS Air BnB listing. They WANT people to know and experience the real Venice.

To that end, rooms are named after beloved Venice places that are no longer around, like Stroh's, Abbot's Habit, and Equator Books. They want visitors to know what came before them, what places helped to make it a cool place to come.

The space is on Westminster, right behind the corner where YAS used to be on Abbot Kinney. That's steps from shopping on a pretty cool street (that used to be a lot cooler before chains $omehow sneaked in), a brief stroll to the sand and water, and guaranteed fun because you're in the very heart of Venice.

You're also helping to keep a very important and beautiful space alive by contributing to it financially. Seriously, one viewing of Becoming Bulletproof, and you're gonna want to get involved - even if it's just by staying in their sweet pad while they're away.

Check out their listing HERE, and we'll all hope to see you soon here in Venice!

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