Thursday, January 26, 2017

Venice - A City That Binds Us

We love our Venice community. We all know it's been in jeopardy ever since big money came in and is trying to profit off of our cool ... but it's still here, and it's still strong. Because of the PEOPLE. Just like our Country.

There's a great mural by marioetheartist on the side of Trading Post Liquor on Main Street, made up of the names of some members of the neighborhood community that have helped to make it so cool here. In recent days, with rumors like the former Hal's space being turned into an Adidas store (WHAT?!), and friends being pushed out of their Penmar bungalows to make room for more BUBs (Big Ugly Boxes), it can sometimes feel futile to fight on for our Venice way of life. But it's not. It matters, and it's worth it - again, much like the resistance happening all over the country right now in opposition of the new Administration.

The Community remains. When one Venice man heard of the renters being booted, he offered his professional legal services to them, free of charge. When the power went out for hours the other night, neighbors were out on the sidewalks, offering candles and the use of their gas ovens to cook. When it was raining and I found myself caught out without an umbrella, an acquaintance driving by slowed down to offer me a lift. Just now, walking home from taking these pictures, my friends Niceley and Kailani drove by and slowed down just to say "I love you." That is our community that we are fighting to protect. And will continue to do so. Because indeed, Venice is a city that binds us. You can feel it.


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