Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Snow Day For Venice!

The holiday spirit continued spreading throughout Venice last weekend, when The Brig parking lot once again hosted a winter wonderland of snow and fun for the neighborhood kids. The fact that it was around 72 and sunny as could be, only made it that much nicer. And funny.

Parents in tank tops and shorts stood in the long line to sled with (or more accurately, photograph) their kids, some of whom had never seen this crazy white stuff. I'm from Minnesota, so find it amusing that last year when back home they had to export city snow to the country just so cars could traverse the roads, here we have to import it (or make it) and hurry up to use it before it melts. Needless to say, there were a lot of wet - but happy - kids.

There was an area for kids to make holiday themed crafts, or, because these are Venice kids, to get some fake Christmas ink if they wanted.

Because this is The Brig parking lot, there were also food trucks. Of course.

As exciting as the snow was, the real thrill of the day was a visit with Santa Claus, here to warm up a bit before his big night. Most kids seemed ecstatic to see the jolly fellow ... some were possibly scarred for life, if their screams were to be believed. Santas are a really patient bunch.

It's a great thing to have this for everyone to enjoy, and kept the joy and kinship felt at the Venice sign lighting going, even as the shops nearby beckoned revelers to get on their shopping.

There were nothing but smiles (other than from the freaked out kids) and greetings shouted across the snow hill, and it really felt like an old-fashioned holiday once again - even if we were sweating.

Ho Ho HO!

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