Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Flowers

Everyone knows you need to stop and smell the roses ... but sometimes life just demands it.

Strolling down Altair the other day, I came upon this arch filling in with gorgeous, fragrant roses. Though pictures rarely suffice, it insisted one be taken.

I was thinking about that, how nice it is that people do things simply because they make things more beautiful in this world, when I walked past Urbanic on Abbot Kinney and they had a card that said, "Stop and smell the roses" in their window. Synchronicity. Pay attention.

Enjoy your own roses you pass by today, and think of me when you take a whiff! Mmmm.

*More synchronicity ... this was today's general horoscope in the L.A. Times:

If you find yourself responding emotionally to the existence of flowers or celebrating the wonder of clouds, you might blame it on the lovely Lady Venus, who yesterday crossed into one of her favorite parts of the sky. Ah, the beauty there is to behold! The world is visual poetry. Give it a soundtrack, and watch it dance!


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