Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Zoetrope On The Boulevard

As I cut through my favorite short cut on my way to Abbot Kinney, I discovered another delight from Venice Public Art had popped up seemingly overnight ... a Charlie Chaplin Zoetrope!

Venice has always been a filmmaker's dream, and Mr. Chaplin was all over it back in the day. I love finding these pieces around town, especially in a time of such gentrification (I'm so sick of that word - but it's important - and there is a meeting about it tonight at the Electric Lodge, 7-10 pm, if you're also sick of it and would like your voice heard).

When you can't walk down any street in Venice anymore without being confronted by a big, ugly, no personality box house maxing out the property line, it's all the more important to honor the past and remember what this town was meant to be ... a haven for artists and eccentrics and FUN.

Thank you to Robin Murez and Venice Public Art for continuing to share these remembrances and inspirations ...

Now, walk down Abbot Kinney and give the ol' Zoetrope a spin! Fun.

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