Monday, February 14, 2011

Venice Valentine

I'm of the school that EVERY day should be a Valentine's Day type deal, so am not overly absorbed in a day like Valentine's Day ... but then I'm all for celebrating LOVE, even when it's a little forced.

It started last night for me, really, when Kris Kristofferson presented the award for Best Album Of The Year (to Arcade Fire - great for them!) at the Grammy's with Barbra Streisand ... AND she sang "Evergreen", from my fave movie, A Star Is Born. So, of course, I awoke feeling all dreamy.

Then, Monday morning grey, walk on the beach, it was like strolling along the set of a movie the whole way back to Venice. A photo shoot of a hot guy and a girl running along the sand with their surfboards and faux beach hair. Then a teenage couple kissing with their hands in each others' back pockets (the kids still do that, how Dazed and Confused!). Every few 50 yards or so, there would be yet another heart drawn in the sand, with intials, or fully spelled out "I LOVE YOU CHARLIE", or just blank hearts - the good, old fashioned ones with a fuzzy arrow piercing it, left blank by an optimistic heart.

Then a Sea Horse couple, mating for life right before my eyes! I couldn't believe it myself - because I'm just kidding, but the point is, LIVE LOVE.

And Happy Valentine's Day! Every day.


*Jenny Everhart took this picture of someone's sandy greeting to EVERYONE!

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